Pre War Colt Police Positive Target .22 LR in original box. 

Smith & Wesson Model 1917 US Army Revolver with original box.

​Smith & Wesson Model 1917 .45 ACP revolvers, boxes, and right and left hand holsters, lanyards, and differnt style smooth service stocks

Smith & Wesson K-32 Masterpiece model 16-3

Smith & Wesson Model 17-2 K-22 Masterpiece Revolver in original S&W fcatory shipping  Box with all accessories. 

Smith & Wesson K-38 Masterpiece 5 Screw in original box

Smith & Wesson Pre Model 28 Highway Patrolman Revolver & Box

​Smith & Wesson 44 Hand Ejector 2nd models in both blue & nickel with original shipping boxes

Smith & Wesson model 41-1 7 3/8" pre A prefix .22 Short in original box

Smith & Wesson S&W K38 Masterpiece 5 screw in box
Smith & Wesson Pre model 28 Highway Patrolman in box

Smith & Wesson Model 68-2 L.A.P.D. Prototype with U.S. Treasury Department Ammunition.​

​Colt 1911 Commercial 45 with original box and accessories 

TDE Model 180 44 AMP caliber Auto Mag Pistol & Case

Auto Mag Model 180 44 caliber in Box

Smith & Wesson Model 41 EFS (extended front sight) Pre A prefix with original box and accessories.

Colt SAA Single Action Army 2nd Generation 45 Long colt cal. new in Box.

Smith & Wesson 1917 US Army revolver in Box
Smith & Wesson Pre War 44 HE Hand Ejectors in Box
Smith & Wesson Model 68-2 Prototype in Box
Colt 1911 World War 1 45 1917 in Box
Smith & Wesson S&W 38/44 Outdoorsman Transitional in Box
Smith & Wesson 1917 US Army Revolvers, Holsters, grips, and boxes

Rare Smith & Wesson 38-44 outdoorsman Transitional with original box and correct Remington .38 Special Hi-Way Master ammunition

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Smith & Wesson Model 16-3 K-32 Masterpiece

Hi Stanadrd model 103 Olympic Space gun in 22 Short with Original box and accessories