In this section you will find some of the factory shipping cartons, boxes, and casings to restore your vintage & collectable firearms to factory shipped configurations. We have packageing components from nearly all manufactures such as but not limited to Smith & Wesson, Colt, Strum Ruger, Walther, Browning, Beretta, Sako, Winchester, Remington, Marlin, Savage, Weatherby, and others. 

     Being in this business some 50+ years we've acquired multiple personal collections and store inventories. With that said we've accumulated many vinatge factory shipping cartons & boxes as well as the internal component pieces and documents. Collector's seek complete packages, so let us see if we can help you to restore your collectables to their original as shipped configurations. 

​Smith & Wesson Gutta Percha Model 1 .22 Tip Up revolver Cases. Pistol Case left, and Stand of Flags case right.


E.M. Reilly 30" Double shotgun or rifle canvas carry case


Vintage Leather breakdown Leg O' Mutten rifle or shotgun carry case 30" 

Smith & Wesson Pre War 357 Registered & Non-Registered Magnum shipping box

Original Cogswell & Harrison 31" double rifle or shotgun canvas carry case

Original Westley Richards Canvas style rifle case 41"

Browning Auto 5 Luggage Case multi-barrel

Smith & Wesson 8 3/8" Mahogany Presentation case