Complete Colt 1940's U numbered 1911 .22/45 Service Model Ace Conversion unit in the Original box

Colt Parts and Accessories... 

In this section you will find items such as but not limited to; Conversion Kits, Barrels, Powder Flasks, Bullet molds, etc. all manufactured by Colt Firearms Co. of Hartford CT. 

If you don't see the part or item you seek just ask via the link "CONTACT US" at the bottom of every page. Just because you don't see an item listed doen't mean we don't have it, or can't help you find it. 

As with all parts, we do not guarantee fit. Although parts are usually model specific that doesn't mean they won't fit other models asa well. Like wise sometimes parts do require fitting even if the part is designed to fit a specific gun. It is the buyers responsability to do their research and ask all the questions they like prior to purchase to determine fit to their items. Additional photos are always available as are hands on descriptions. We strongly suggest having licensed gunsmiths install and evaluate all firearms prior to use for your safety.