Vintage Daisy Red Ryder Plymouth Michigan Mfg. in original box. 

Benjamin Franklin Model 132 .22 caliber pnumatic pellet pistol with original box and accessories. 


     We buy and sell a nice assortment of precision adult air guns as well as vintage classics. Looking to replace a childhood memory? Let us know, we can help you find that Daisy Red Ryder, or Sheridan Silver Streak. If it's serious competition you have in mind we can help with those needs as well. Names like but not limited to Feinwerkbau, Walther, Beeman, RWS, Weirauch, and others. We also have match grade pellets, and accessories too. ​

     Being we are not licensed gun smiths, and do not work on any guns of any type or age we do not guarantee function of any air guns sold for any reason. All warrantees are handled through the manufactures of those guns. We are happy to help customers who have bought guns from us in obtaining service for those guns by the manufactures. All classic air guns are sold strictly as is. 

Crosman Model 130 CO2 .22 cal. Pellgun in Box

Smith & Wesson model 79G air pistol in box

Winchester Model 422 Air rifle Caliber .177 Made in Germany in 1969