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This is a Blackie Collins design that was offered by Smith & Wesson beginning in the 1970's. These are highly prizes collectors items today when you can find them like this still like new and in the original box.

Great Lifetime Winchester Model 12 collection

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This is an original Bronze casting one of only a limited few ever produced...

We Specialize in vinatge Smith & Weson firearms

The famous Smith & Wesson K-22 Outdoorsman or 1st model. Many consider it the finest rimfire target revolver ever made, and we certainly agree. There is no doubt they were produced when Smith & Wesson's production standards were their best. K-22 Display

Collector Grade Firearms

We Specialize in locating vintage and rare firearms. The gun shown here was one of 125 Pre 64 Winchester Model 12's we acquired from one lifetime collection. Nearly all were factory new in their factory shipping cartons.

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