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Robert H. Grote Ltd.

Over 35 years of dealing in Antique & Vintage Investment & Collector Quality Firearms, as well as knives, hunting & fishing items, related memorabilia, and other fine collectables.

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Welcome to our "Colt Pre 1898 Revolvers"Page
or Revolvers Classified as Antique  
Shown here are some of the fine revolvers that we have for sale.
If you have any questions on availability or price, Please E-mail ! 
Check our "Payment & Shipping Details"Page for details on shipping.

If you have a Revolver or a collection you would like to sell,

Email us with a description & your contact info.

 Please send us a "Want List" of item's you are looking for!
"To Email us" Go to the "Contact Us" Page use the pre-made form then click "Submit" It's Easy! 
We hope you enjoy the page!

We have nothing For Sale in Colt Pre 1898 At this time