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Robert H. Grote Ltd.

Over 35 years of dealing in Antique & Vintage Investment & Collector Quality Firearms, as well as knives, hunting & fishing items, related memorabilia, and other fine collectables.

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We  specialize  in   Buying  and  Selling,  Antique  and  Vintage,


   Quality  Investment  Grade,  Collector  Firearms  and  Accessories   



 Moulton Custom Folding Knife, Smith & Wesson 32 Single Action Revolvers, and a

 Winchester Model 90 Rifle with an original sealed box of Winchester .22 long rifle ammunition.


 Sight Was Last Updated 08/06/2014


First we just want to say thanks to all of our regular & repeat customers, it has been our pleasure.

also to everyone who was interested in coming to visit us at our online store, we hope you enjoy ! 


                                                                                                                                                                      Again Thanks!  Bob & Scott



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Availability & Price on items listed by Email Request Only!


We have established this Website for buying & selling!


 If you have questions, or are interested in an item give us a reasonable offer!




   We have Vintage and Antique collectable items from well known manufactures of:


      Pistols and Revolvers    such as: 

                                                    Smith & Wesson,  Colt,  Hi-standard, Kimber, Browning, Stevens,  Wildey, & AMT 



Pictured above is a Beautiful Trio of  Factory Original

Smith & Wesson " New Departure" or  Safety Hammerless Revolvers.

Bottom right is a Smith & Wesson .32 Safety Hammerless with Blued Finish, Factory Pearl Grips, and its original box.

 Top right is a Smith & Wesson .38 Safety Hammerless with a Blued Finish,  Factory Checkered Walnut Grips, and original box, and to complete the trio center left is a Smith & Wesson .38 Safety Hammerless with Factory Nickel Finish, and fitted with "Molded Gutta Purcha" or "S&W Hard Rubber Grips". This beautiful  trio all have been fitted with Rare S&W Factory Original 2" barrels. These Rare little beauties are alsonicknamed by some collectors as The S&W Bicycle Revolvers .






 Pre/war Smith & Wesson  K-22  Outdoorsman Revolvers 

A pair of beautiful revolvers with their original boxes and paperwork. 

One was manufactured in 1936, the other in 1937, both complete with paperwork. 






Pre/war Smith & Wesson Ladysmith 22 caliber Hand Ejector Revolvers


This very nice grouping includes two Blued finish 1st models, and two Nickel finish 3rd model Ladysmith's.
These very unique and beautiful factory original 22 caliber revolvers feature far left a Blued 1st Model with a
3 1/2 inch barrel, top center a Blued 1st Model with a 3 inch barrel, far right a Nickel 3rd Model with a 3 inch
barrel, and bottom center a Nickel finish 3rd Model with "Special Order" S&W Medalion Mother of Pearl grips,
3 1/2 inch Semi-target barrel complete with a factory S&W Historical Letter documenting the revolvers configuration.







  Colt 1903 Pocket Automatic in .32 cal..

Talk about setting still for a hundred years!  ANIB




   Vintage Single Shot, Lever Action, Bolt Action, & Semi-Auto Rifles  from:  

                                      Winchester,  Weatherby,  Remington,  Marlin,  Stevens,  Browning, & Dakota Arms & others



  Pre/64  Winchester  Model 70 "Standard Grade" Bolt Action Sporting Rifle 

This beautiful vintage factory original Winchester rifle is simply New in the Box! 

It is chambered for the famous .270 Winchester cartridge, and is shown complete

with all accessories, just as it was shipped from the Winchester factory in 1952. 




Photo # 1

 Photo # 2


Marlin Model 1893 Lever Action Take Down Rifle
This wonderful vintage Marlin is just simply as New!
100% Factory Original, Chambered in 38-55 cal. with Lyman Tang Sight




       Fine Collectable American Shotguns     from makers like:   

                                                   Winchester, Ithaca,  Parker,  Browning,   A.H. Fox,  L. C. Smith,  Baretta,  Remington,  etc. 



 Winchester Model 12 Standard Field Grade Shotgun.


A great vintage late 1950's Model # 12 this little beauty has a  28" non-ribbed barrel chambered for 2 3/4" 12 ga. shells,

and also included is its original box, with matching end label and all of the original factory paperwork.  



L C Smith "Ideal Grade" Side By Side Double Barrel Shotgun

26" Barrels,Chambered for 16 gauge 2 3/4" shells, in "like new" condition a very difficult gun to find in 16 ga.






      And we  also  deal  in  Quality  European  Shotguns,  Drillings,  Rifles,  Pistols,  and  Revolvers   Such as:


  J. P. Sauer,  Merkel,  Mannlicher Schoenauer,  Krieghoff,  Heym,  Mauser,  Sako, Walther, German Weatherby's, & others.


Webley & Scott .28 gauge Side by Side Double Barrel Shotgun



We carry a nice selection of  

Antique & Vintage English, European, & American Hand Made Gun Cases, "Custom Fitted" luggage style cases

Such as Oak & Leather, Leather over Wood, Canvas over wood, and others. 

For photo's and samples, go to our "Shotgun Home Page" and click on "Custom Fitted Cases"




 Weatherby  Mark  V  Bolt  Action  Rifle

 in .270 Weatherby Magnum caliber "Like  new"  made in West  Germany. 


Photo # 1

Photo # 2


Photo # 3




      Along  with  Antique  &  Vintage  Catalogs,  Scopes,  Ammunition,  Factory Literature,  and  Memorabilia   


          To include other Antique, Vintage, or Custom made Hunting and Fishing  or related merchandise  by makers such as:

Orvis,  L.L. Bean,  Hardey,  Penn,  Winchester,  ABU,  Wright McGill, and other custom makers 




       We  also  Buy  &  Sell  Custom  Made  Knives:     by company's such as:


          Randall,  Morseth,  Loveless,  Scagel,   Wood,  Moulton,  Sanderson,  Bone,  Lyle,  Moran, and  Frank




Ralgh Bone of Lubbock, Texas

" Knifemaker" & "Master Bladesmith" Handmade this Great "Fighting Stiletto"


This Knife is a "Rare" and wonderful "one of a kind", Mastodon Ivory handled,

double edge, "Fighting Knife"with Brass Double Hilt and Butt Cap 

The amount of thought that went into this Exquisite Design, and the Great Workmanship,

could only be accomplished by the best of Knife Makers.




   "Ralph Bone" also made this Great Example


A perfectly balanced "Bowie Knife" with a 10" blade, Double Brass Hilt, Mahogany Handle,

trimed with Ebony and Sterling Silver trim & Butt Cap Both knives have

  Custom fitted leather sheath's made by the Johnson Leather Co. Chessenberry, FL


The next two photo's feature more of his spendid work.


Photo # 1 

 Photo # 2




A. T. Barr Custom Damascus Folding Knives  




                  A. T. Barr Custom Bladesmith, Nickolasville, KY                                                    Another fine Damascus Scene Folding knife

                 designed this simply gorgeousDamascus Knife                                                           made by A.T. Barr from Nickolasville, KY





 "Rare"  Harry Morseth Stag Handled Skinner Knife     Dusty Moulton, of Moulton Knives, Loudon TN.

     Harry Morseth Custom Bladesmith designed this great knife in the 1920's                         hand made this Outstanding Tahoe Model Sheath Knife

                  with itsOriginal Hand made Morseth leather sheath.                                                          with one piece Mother of Pearl handles






     And  Factory Manufactured Knives  by:  

                                     Case,  KA-BAR,  Buck,  Gerber,  Puma,  Marbles,  Shrade,  both antique & modern.    





Ka-bar brand 1930's - 1940's vintage "Camping Set" 

with a knife, fork, & spoon a RARE item to find in this condition, Like New!  




         Also Gun Company Knives:  

                                                                Smith & Wesson,  Colt,  Winchester,  Ithica,  Remington,  and  others  



Smith & Wesson "Outdoorsman" Knife 

Designed by Barry Wood Custom Knife Maker

Vintage 1970's S&W Model 6020 with original accessories "New in Box"

A limited edition knjfe of 10000 total production, Designed with a 5 1/2" blade, and wieghed 10oz.







Colt Authorized Presentation Set "Samual Colt Commemorative Edition Engraved Knife"

in it's original wooden presentation case by Aurum. 


 We Buy & Sell  "Quality"  Custom  Made  Knives,

no matter if it is a commercial, commemorative, or a special order we are interested! 



    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~   


In addition, from time to time we are able to offer various antiques and collectables, including Swords as we also attend estate liquidations.



  This is just a samplingof the type of merchandise we buy & sell.     If you have something you would like to sell,   such as those mentioned above and it is pre-1980, or  If you are trying to fill a  "want list"  of items  for  your  collection  don't hesitate to Email us.  We keep your name and information on record, so that when we locate item(s) you are looking for we can contact you.     We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to set up a phone conversation to talk over your particular situation,   and discuss your collection.  


 We  keep  all  information  in  the  strictest  of  confidence!   



    We are committed!    to providing our customers with the best possible description and photos of the merchandise that is being offered for sale, and if needed, we can Email you additional photo's of the items in question.  We encourage you to ask questions prior to purchasing, to help assist you with your purchase.  Being collectors ourselves we know how disappointing it can be to receive an item that was misrepresented or not as described.  If you are a interested buyer, please keep in mind that many of our items come & go very quickly, and never see our listings or get advertised. 

 New items become available almost daily.


Along with our 35 years of experience of buying, selling and trading, we have all the nessessary Federal, State, & Local Licenses allowing us to ship to all 50 states  providing  there are no federal, state, or local
laws that prohibit it.
  We are both Annual & Life Members of various major firearm collector associations and organizations, as well as Hunting and Fishing Clubs & organizations.   
Our Smith & Wesson Firearms Displays 
have  won  top  awards  at  National Gun Shows 
including Best of Show "Over-all",
Best of Show "Single Gun", Best Educational Display,
and others,  several  times  over  the  years
at the S.&W.C.A., O.G.C.A., and P.G.C.A. meetings. 

Quality and Rarity is our area of expertise. 
We constantly attend auctions, estate sales, gun shows, and purchase private collections looking for high quality, rare, and seldom seen items. If you are looking to disperse your personal collection, or estate, we will work with you. 


Horseman's or Salesmans Sample Knife
Whichever name you prefer
This is a Rare & Fascinating Horseman's Knife,
Salesmans Sample Knife, or Combination Knife.
This particular knife has 54 exotic & unique tools including
 "Mother of Pearl" handles as shown in the photo. 
An extreamly Rare and high quality piece of workmanship 
      If  you  don't  see  what  you  are  looking  for,
Please Ask! 
Robert H. Grote Ltd.
Po Box 171
Youngstown, PA 15696
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